3 Ways to Peak your Pocket-square

Pocket-squares are back in fashion. Yaaay!! The one piece of a man's (or woman) ensemble that he (or she) can be as flamboyant as possible. Yes, you can use whatever colour, fold and type of fabric it comes in. Some call it pocket handkerchiefs; because it started off as a handkerchief but as a practical accessory for me. but it doesn't change anything. Now there are different ways of not being boring with your pocket-square (for the sake of this article, we are going to be using the term pocket-square(s)), but first we need to know exactly what it is and why it is so awesome

His-Story (a Pocket-square's story)

Before people used the word handkerchief or pocket-squares (kerchiefs), the word kerchief alone was common. This term came from two French words: couvrir, which means “to cover,” and chef, which means “head.”

In the times of ancient Greece and Rome, handkerchiefs were often used the way they are today. But in the Middle Ages, kerchiefs were usually used to cover the head.

Then in the 16th century, people in Europe began to carry kerchiefs in their pockets to wipe their forehead or their nose. To distinguish this kind of kerchief from the one used to cover the head, the word "hand" was added to "kerchief".

King Richard II of England, who reigned from 1377 to 1399, is widely believed to have invented the cloth handkerchief, - Wikipedia

Let's have a Peak

With that being said, let's learn something new today shall we? In as much as one can go all out with a pocket-square, let's start off with something simple. Today we are going to show you how to wear your pocket-square with the peak fold. Observe:

There you have it. 3 easy ways of folding and wearing your pocke-square. Don't be shy, look for other fun ways of folding your pocket-squares and let your dapperness peak.


You can visit Ties.com for more fun ways of folding your pocket-square, but until next time, stay dapper and always, always, wear your identity.

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