Office Romance

So with the introduction of Ms. Maame Barima, our female mannequin, to the family, we decided to take time off and let Mr. Manny Barimah a.k.a Mr. Mannequin take her out around Accra. He decided to take her to the Burger&Relish branch in East Legon, since the atmosphere there was great for after-work meet-up. Needless to say that something magical transpired between the two of them.

So they had a few drinks.

According to Maame, she loved the Lucky Lilly coctail so much so that she had more than 1 glass

Manny decided to try out the Sobolo Rum Cooler.

And then the burgers arrived.

Say hello to the Boss. You know who had that one right? No need to describe how good that burger tasted.

Maame decided to go for something a bit smaller, the Independence burger.

Long story short, this harmless outing turned into a candle-lit dinner for Manny and Maame and a chance to meet the Manager of the East Legon of Burger & Relish.

The manager of Burger&Relish, (East Legon branch) Sean Borrows hosted our soon to be (or be not) couple. His aura and energy resonates very well with the restaurant in such a way that you immediately feel comfortable there.

We know it's against company policy to have office romance, but how can we hate on these two. Now the question is, will or should Manny propose to Maame and make her Mrs. Maame Ohemaa Barimah? Your thoughts.

Oh and before we forget, in light of this development, we have partnered with Burger&Relish (East Legon Branch) to give a lucky couple a paid for dinner for 2 at this wonderfully cozy and eclectic restaurant in 3 easy steps. Here's how:

1- Buy an item from the Ahenfo Collection.

2- Take a picture and post it on social media. Don't forget to write a short review of the product.

3- Hashtag #EatMyValetine and @yawbarimahclothing.

The best picture and review will be selected by a panel of judges from both YBC and Burgerr&Relish to win the #EatMyValentine price.

Promo closes on the 20th of February, 2017 so get buying and make someone your Ohemaa this valentine.

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