About Last Night

Remember our #EatMyValentine promo? Yeah, we got a winner and we hung out; and it was fun. Our winner was none other than one Valerie Nukator and she brought along an unexpected guest to her FREE DINNER FOR 2. It was none other than her shepherd from church. Now for those of you unfamiliar with the term, a shepherd is like a mentor within the church-body who counsels you. Needless to say, I could see the love and admiration she had for him, as he, the respect and daughter-figure (<-- is that a real word? Oh well, you get it don't you?) care he had for her.

Valerie Nukator and Pastor George Seneagya looking good in that wonderful Kente necktie.

It was great meeting the two and their take on the food at Burger&Relish was as expected: EXCELLENT FOOD, AMAZING AMBIANCE and PRETTY DAMN GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

They were served by none other than the manager himself (See, we told you he is a cool dude), along with drinks and all. After the meal, we sat down and had a bit of conversation concerning life, religion and fashion.

On fashion though, Valerie and George(Pastor) commented on the unique design of our Kente necktie and its accompanying accessories. Indeed, they were impressed and quite surprised that we meant what we said about the PROMO.

Well, to all who participated and did not win, we say better luck next time. Finally, we would like to thank Burger&Relish and Sean Burrowes for hosting our winners and our team.

If you're ever around A&C mall, do pass by and say a quick hello. YBC, wear your identity.

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